The winner of the Star of the stars 2001 was Tomi Takala, one of those macho-maniacs screaming and playing light-speed guitarsolos in Cessna. Tomi voted for Duran Duran, that wasn't actually in the All Stars list of stars. But he is a kinda guy that likes to walk his own path. Like Shakira - wherever and whenever.

Hello Tomi. Tell us a little about yourself.
Hello, I am like an unfinished piece of art. Aesthetically more or less cubistic, mentally surrealistic.

So you took part to All Stars competition. Do you take part to web-competitions often?
Only when there are All Stars records to be won.

Hmm, it's not too often then, like once a year...But hey, what is this Duran Duran thing? You love them?
Yes, you could say that I love them. And people do foolish things when they are in love, such as buy Duran Duran records (I have them all, singles and eps included, not to mention the Japanese imports). But now the fab five is back again and if Nile Rodgers is to be believed, they are the same wild boys as they used to be, only a bit chubbier.

So, was this the first time you won something in a competition or does it happen often?
Well, let me see...doesn't happen too often as I can't remember the previous time!

How has the Ep sounded so far?
I am an old fan, so it was for me like meeting an old friend after many years. It's great to notice that new records add new favourites to my 'best of'- list. This time 'Happiness of being alone' entered my All Stars hall of fame and it's now there in top five together with such gems as I would rather take you, Eve, Devil and D Castle. Btw. you should really play those old favorites sometimes live too!

Everybody wants to read about Cessna. Tell us the latest news. I know that you've been working with full-lenght for a while.
Now that you asked... It's true we have full-length album coming out this year. How would I describe is quite soft on the surface but gets harder when you reach the core. If you type 'mature' and 'amateur' in your search engine in the internet, it will take you to our new album.

Tomi, how do you train your guitarplaying? I mean do you practise your fast fingers, or were they this fast also as a kid?
(laughter) I really appreciate this kind of humour...

Man, you should put tablatures of Cessna-songs to web. This way all the other guitarists in the world would know how to play these rather difficult songs. We have an idea of putting Jani of Feelings' drumsolos as mp3's to our site. What do you think?
Aren't you afraid of piratism with those drum solos? Putting Cessna tablatures in the web would reveal that we are only recycling same three chords in all songs and we definitely do not want that!

Any plans for the summer?
Well, many plans have already been realized (it's july now). My basic idea for this summer was to eat as much fresh peas and strawberries as possible. And so did I! Basically, I try to enjoy summertime so much that finally I'll end being fed up with it. And then comes depression-free autumn.

Send your greetings to anyone that deserves it.
Big respect for my man Mikko who had the guts to quit his high level job to follow his vision and to concentrate on enjoying life! Thanks for All Stars for giving me this fifteen minutes of fame. (if it didn't take 15 min. for you to read this through, take it from the top brother!)