Some guy was the first on the moon. Some guy was the first to jump 6 meter in polevault. Some guy was Rambo 1. Some other guy was Rambo 2. Olli Moilanen, man who shakes the popworld in Harry Hunks & Ultrasport, was the first to buy All Stars' Better Alone - EP.

Hello Olli. Tell some info about yourself.
I live in Helsinki and sometimes I ride my bicycle, other times I take the tram. Sometimes I travel on the train and bus. I don't very often take taxi.

We know that you are one of most influental guys in popscene in whole world + you study at the same time. Where do you find the time and the energy? Do you go to gym?
I eat a lot of porridge.

Tell us the latest news considering Harry Hunks and Ultrasport + the other stuff.
You know, the usual stuff.

You were the first to buy the Better Alone - ep. You surely were in a hurry. How long had you been waiting for the first all stars release?
I had been waiting for it about about 26 years, of which the last 10 years I spent camping in front of the American Brothers office.

Yeah, I remember you as a teenager coming to the American Brothers office at Eira right after the school. Well, are you already bored with the ep?
No way, how could I possibly be bored with it?

Easily, just listen to it with repeat for few weeks. Tell me, did you have any time to watch the worldcup? What did you think about the games all in all?
I think they had some kind of funny round thing that they kept kicking and there were funny guys doing it. I didn't watch it myself though. Someone told me stories about it.

Any plans for the summer, personally and bandwise?
Ice cream, summer wine, beach, and ice cream.

Send your greetings.