********** 06.05.2004: Studio, Studio, Studioline

We entered the Mehiläis-Studio in Tampere to record our second full-length album. The man behind the knobs this time is Brian Uncle, the uncle of Brian Eno. Brian Uncle recorded Ville Leinonen's Suudelmitar album during last year. We love it, and we wanted to record with Brian immediately after listening to Ville's beautiful album.

We are recording 13 tracks, of which it's easy to drop out 1-2 songs if they don't sound perfect. But they should sound perfect, because the recording is done by Brian Uncle. If they don't, we'll contact Brian Eno.

The sessions started beautifully. We started to record Aksu's new song titled Until You Die. It's a bit of an slowmotion song, beautiful simple song. The recording was going on as we noticed that Brian Uncle was falling asleep behind the mixer. This is exactly the reaction that one should get after listening to this dreamy pophit!! We woke Brian up and gave him three cup of coffee.

We are recording following tracks:

- Devil
- He worships satan
- If you want your nose to bleed
- Until you die
- Until you die
- National anthem of Finland
- With you, America
- I'm so happy but she's so sad
- Gö-Star
- Meine lovesong
- Winona's eyes
- Hungry
- Honolulu winter

To read more about the new songs, read the first news of the year below.

We have an idea of putting the rawmixes in mp3-format to our site, so the audience gets an idea of the forthcoming album. Be sure to check the site from time to time to get the latest illegal version of each song.

********** 16.02.2004: We are better. We are best.

All Stars is the best pop/rock band of the year 2004. This is now proved, as All Stars won the pop/rock category in American Brothers Awards 2004.

The competition was tight. All Stars was fighting in the same category with U2, Elbow and The Crash. First we kicked Bono straight in the face. He left the awards bleeding to get some help from his close friend Nelson Mandela. The guys from Elbow started to cry and rised their hands up saying: "Please don't hurt us!! You are the best!! We just want to be your friends!!" As if!! Artie did some karate straight to the face. They catched the next plane to where ever they are living. The only band left was The Crash. This was a piece of cake: Mary started to speak some horrible English, and Teemu Brunila had to leave the place, so the bad english would not harm The Crash' future.

We are the best pop/rock band in the world!!

********** 12.01.2003: Mikromikko 3.0 joins the group

All Stars has updated their bass player. The old version Mikis Organics was full of viruses, all too unreliable and making the work slow and uncertain, so we decided to move on.

Mikromikko 3.0 has faster fingers, network capabilities, longer keyboard and 5.1 dolby soundcard. He is smaller but more efficient, answering the challenges of the best pop/rock band in the world. Mikromikko 3.0 used to play in All Stars in the mid 90's, so he knows the difficult environment he is joining.

We will update the basist information page soon. Be sure to check them out: Mikromikko 3.0 is one handsome guy.

********** 11.01.2003: New songs, new album

All Stars has a punch of new songs ready. We wish to have most of them in our next album, which we hope to see in shops this year. We are heading to studio early summer.

Gösta Sundqwist passed away few months ago. R.I.P. Gösta. To us you were the one and only.

The sad news forced Aksu to compose a new song called Gö-star. It's a story about us humanbeings turning to stars, when we pass away. Amazingly, the song has had an affect on the overall sound of All Stars. We have now played the song in rehearsals and in some gigs too, and the way we play Gö-star seem to have an affect on our sound in each and every song. The new All Stars sound is more soft and acoustic, more down to earth.

This song honours a great nation. The song title comes from Mark Maher, a U.S. photographer whose picture you can see in the innersleeve of "I've seen you all before". It has a strong, melancholic feeling. It's probably one of the more mainstream songs that we have ever composed. To us it sounds a bit like good old Oasis.

Aksu did a song about growing old, owning and loving. This is all told in a weird way using a lot of mathematic terms and numbers. It has a nice simple guitar-riff and a swingish mood rhythmwise.

Artie heard the title of the previous song. He felt in love with it, and did a song with a same name. How about that? The song has 3 chords, that are in similar order throughout the song. You can hear the same chords in Neil Young's "Keep on rockin' in a free world". This is the simpliest song ever, with lovely lyrics where almost every sentence has a similar ending. You know, words like "Chris de Burgh" and "Johannesburg", or "Artie" and "fartie". Our ultimate dream is to publish a 7" single, where we have both versions of "Until you die". That would be a true rarity.

This is a song about the old favourite movie "Bullit", starring Steve McQueen. The song has a happiest and naive touch that all of a sudden collapses as the weird c-part pops in. Imagine, almost all of us singing "Blackrider..."

One day Aksu was sitting in the backyard happily drunk, as he saw a crying woman passing by. What can one do in a situation like this? A true poppy hit-single!

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