********** 21.12.2003: Few gigs ahead

All Stars is playing enormous amount of gigs in winter-/springtime 2004. Listen to this:

AMERICAN BROTHER$ AWARDS is being held in Stella Star Club on friday 23.01.2004. We are playing live together with Janne Laurila, Boomhauer, Cucumber Farmer, Billy Idiot and Showtime.

The night itself is not just an ordinary friday evening gig. Between the shows you have a chance to see the award ceremony, that nominates the best acts and artists of the year 2003. All Stars is happy to be nominated as one of the best pop-rock acts of the year 2003 together with bands like U2, Elbow and Sigur Ros. Read more about the ceremony here.

All Stars is sharing the night with Cessna in Telakka, Tampere in 24.04.2004 and Kipsari, Helsinki in 26.03.2004. This is lovely as the bands used to play together already in the late eighties.

********** 11.09.2003: Artie Aspens paralysed - History repeating!

Do you remember our old bass player Jani of Hesitation? Well, his face was paralysed back in 1999 and guess what - Artie Aspens now has the same horrifying sickness! There must be a curse hanging over All Stars.

Artie Aspens reveals it all :

"It was a normal summer day. I went to sauna, opened a bottle of beer and started screaming, I couldn´t taste anything! I had no taste. Then my right eye stopped shutting and started to secrete bright liquid. Then i noticed that my mouth doesn´t open properly, It felt like my mouth had been benumbed by a dentist! And i haven´t seen my dentist in months! It was scary, man. I went to see my doctor and she told me that this is a mystery to medical science. The doctors don´t know what causes face paralysis. It might be the cold, it might be the punk rockers, but no one knows. And there´s nothing they can do to help me. Time is the only cure. So we´ll just have to wait. I have lost some money as i have had to cancel a couple of my modelling gigs, andwfja tjaw 234)(¤%#")¤%."

Aspens sturts to mumble. Apparently the paralysis is starting to have an effect on his speech.

********** 21.08.2003: We are the world

All Stars' album I've seen you all before has received massive radioplay around the world. Our dreams of making a revolution in music business are one step closer, as we are dominating the radioplay in several continents.

Breaker of the heart has become a small hit in the land of football, Brazil. A radioshow called Coquetel Molotov is also making an interview of All Stars this autumn.

A radioshow in Portugal, Bangbang is causing the forestfires all over southern Europe by playing our ever-hot hit Critical Mass.

Taking over the musicmarket in Japan is now possible as Apple Crumble Record is selling our records in Tokyo, Japan.

Artie Aspens doesn´t want to talk about conquering the world, not yet. "We are taking one step at a time. In Finland everyone gets so excited everytime something like this happens, and we don´t want to get into that "next big thing"- thing. If something happens, like now something has happened, it happens! We don´t want to spoil it with overreacting."

Aksu Blackrider says: "We are still the same normal guys. Success hasn´t changed us a bit. I think we will not move to Monaco in the near future."

American Brothers big-boss Manu Haapalainen is satisfied with the success: "We have worked so hard for years, and of course it feels great that finally things are starting to happen. We are getting richer and richer all the time! It feels good. "

If only the Germans would now realize all the potential in us. Hello Germans!! We are heavier than HIM!! We are funkier than Darude!! We are smaller that Lauri from Rasmus!!!

********** 17.07.2003: Mary Christmas in hospital!

All Stars' singer Mary Christmas went to have a surgical operation, after her back had been aching for several months. The doctors took x-ray pictures of Marys back and recommended her to come to surgery right away. The operation was massive, lasting for 8 days, operated by 3 doctors and 45 nurses. No harm done, nowadays Mary is feeling good as ever.

"I want to climb to Mount Everest. I want to benji-jump from Eiffel-tower. I want to change my name to Extreme Christmas."

The back had been in not-so-good condition from the beginning of the year, but in june it started to feel a bit too painful. This was after Aksu and Mary took a nice holiday touring with red Lada around eastern Finland for more than a week. Lada's seats weren't so good and the back went ill for good.

While being cut, Mary also asked if she could have bigger breasts, bigger lips, bigger ass and smaller brains. The doctors were unable to do any of these things, even though they tried hard.

********** 28.06.2003: A match made in heaven - PART l

Aksu had the time of his life in Viking Line, a ship cruising between finland and Tallinna. Not only did he hang out with Danny and Kari Kuuva, but he met his all time favour, Dave Stewart from Eurythmics.

Stepping in to the huge ship, the cruise program was given to Aksu. Aksu immediately noticed that Dave Stewart would be doing a show in some pub at 20.00 local time. Could this be Dave from Eurythmics, Aksu wondered? There must be a lot of Dave Stewarts in the world. The thought started to be so unreal that Aksu forgot the whole thing and started to drink heavy alcohol heavily.

Still, a bit excited Aksu entered the pub. And there he was!! Yes it was Dave Stewart from Eurythmics!! Could this be true?? Yes it could!! Dave was singing old cover songs that you can hear anytime by any coverband. All the faves where there: songs from Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, U2 etc. The thing was that you could go and ask Dave to sing the songs you wanted to hear. Aksu wanted to hear anything from Bruce Springsteen, R.E.M. or The Moody Blues. Dave didn't know any song of these artist.

In the end Aksu went to Dave and asked him to play any song by Eurythmics.

"Very funny, you idiot" said Dave and continued playing Bon Jovi's Wanted dead or alive.

********** 23.05.2003: A match made in heaven - PART 2

Artie Aspens and sir Elton John have finished their long-awaited collaboration in New York, at Elton`s home studio. The result is astonishing : a touching and uplifting love song "Your love keeps me going on". This heart-breaking duet will be released in November and every Tom, Dick & Harry in business predicts that it will conquer the Christmas charts both in England and US.

Artie and Elton, or "The Two Old Geezers" as they call themselves, describe the experience fascinating. "Elton has taught me a lot" , Aspens says. "He has taught me a lot both as a songwriter and as a human being. We had a great time, we were just giggling all the time, like two little boys." "Or Girls!", Elton cuts in.

" Artie has a way with words", Elton praises. " I was stuck in the lyrics. I couldn`t come up with anything that could follow the line "Your love keeps me going on". Suddenly Artie came out of shower singing : "Your love keeps me going strong, Your love keeps me holding on..." And it was right there! We didn t need any words after that! "

"Our mutual chemistry works like magic" , Artie confesses. "Elton first introduced the song to me playing his grand piano in his bedroom, and I had my acoustic guitar ready. The song started in G and - imagine this ! - I could play the song all the way to the grande finale even though I d never heard it before"

That sounds promising. The Two Old Geezers shine like two suns as they walk back inside to Elton s mansion.

********** 28.04.2003: Gasoline girls & Petrol boys

All Stars went to Jyväskylä to play a lovely show in Vakiopaine. The night was beautiful, as we played quite well and the night was fun all in all.

Saturday we headed back home with our lovely Toyota Corolla. Driving through Lahti we decided to have a small break in a big gas station. There was no need to fill the tank, as there was plenty of gasoline left, as we entered the place.

As we waited for our coffee we noticed that behind us there were members of Mighty 44. Yes, they were having their break at the same place as we were!! Amazing!!

The coffee was excellent and the sun was shining. Jani of Feelings started to wonder, how shitty band Mighty 44 is. Is there anything worse than Mighty 44? Mary Christmas asked, what kinda band is this Mighty 44 anyway, because she hasn't heard the band at all. Jani answered with a very high voice that "Well, Mighty 44 is like a very shitty version of Boomfunk MC's." It seems that the guys heard this, because they left the building immediately.

We left quite soon, and after driving for few meters we realized that we had very little gasoline left in our car. Where had it disappeared? We have no clue. Then we started to figure it out. Had the Mighty 44 members stolen the gas from our car?? Could it be that they were still a bit thirsty after the break, so they had to drink the gasoline from our tank? We filled the Toyota at the next gas station, so we wouldn't have to PUSH IT, PUSH IT REAL GOOD!

********** 11.03.2003: All Stars gigs

After the 11-month tour in Canada, it is time for us to do a few shows in Finland. We have at least four gigs during the springtime around southern Finland. Come and see us doing the show that Great White only dreamed of.

PE 11.4. Helsinki, Stella Star, with Mummypowder
PE 25.4. Jyväskylä, Vakiopaine
PE 9.5. Helsinki, Kipsari
PE 30.5. Turku, with Red Carpet

We have a dream, that this list will be updated in the near future, so keep in touch. But don't touch Mary Christmas, or she'll curse you.

********** 05.03.2003: Album release

The All Stars debut album "I've seen you all before" comes out finally on monday 17.03.2003.

The album has 11 tracks. They are:


Get your copy by ordering it from American Brothers website for 12 €. With 15 € you'll get the new album plus the oldie but goldie Better Alone - EP

********** 25.02.2003: New hitsongs

Now that the album is ready, and we are getting ready for the upcoming gigs, it's good time to tell you about our new songs.

Aksu has 5 new songs, of which All Stars has now played two. They are "He worships the satan" and "Meine Lovesong". "...Satan" is a true Weezer-plagiate with weird lyrics and very simple guitars. We'd like to shoot a video for this one. It would take place in garage, of course. We just put colourful T-shirts, jeans and caps on, put the guitars as low as we can and start to play. "Meine Lovesong" is the second part of our Scorpions trilogy. It is a song about Klaus Meine, who is longing for his lover from the eighties. Other new tracks that will be rehearsed soon are "Hardcore Man 2002". "Pretty Alright" and "I can't fence". The last song is pretty close to Genesis' "I can't dance".

Artie has done at least 4 new songs. Yesterday we started to play his lovely, simple popsong, that tells about Artie's pervert relationship with Winona Ryder's eyes. "Get out of your car" is a bit older, lovely slowtempo song from Artie.

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