********** 15.10.2002: All Stars album ready soon

Back in easter we recorded the material for our upcoming album. Now we are in the phase of mixing the thing together, and ooh, the stuff sounds very promising.

We dropped two songs out from the final mixing: they are White Poem and The National Anthem of Finland. White Poem was dropped, because nobody cried while playing the song in several tests. The National Anthem of Finland went too proggressive, as Jani of Feelings played so difficult drums to the song. It was too much for any of us to play on top of it.

A little can be told already about the album: it will end up with a 10 minute version of Premiere, a true two-chord wonder. The instrumental song Analogue will have a strange soundscape on it. The album will include more fast and furious All Stars sound as songs like Let's Have A Party, Critical Mass, The Story Like It Is, Jean Paul Amor and Premiere are included. It will, of course, have its melancholic moments while Better Alone or Happy As A Man Can Be are being played. If the rest goes fine, the album will come out around the new year. It will include 12 songs. We have planned albumtitles like "Making love through the centuries" and "Taking your pants down after the TV-commercials" but nothing is final yet.

The albumcover is almost ready. It will include the same child, as on Better Alone, but this time a bit older, of course. You might want to ask "who the hell is this kid anyway??" but we'll come to that later on. One thing though - it is not Madeleine Albright as a youngster.

********** 10.10.2002: Hempukka-choir visits the studio

The worldfamous, infamous choir Hempukka visited the All Stars studio on their visit to Finland during their World tour 2002.

The 5-piece choir added some nasty singing on two All Stars songs: Critical Mass and Let's Have A Party. The whole chorus on Critical Mass is now filled with beautiful singing, huffing and puffing of the ladies. The choir also has a smaller role in the old favorite song from the All Stars gigs, Let's Have A Party.

Aksu, Artie and Mikis surely had some horny moments at the studio while the choir was singing. The glass between the studio and the recording room was filled with sex-steam as the boys were getting a bit hot on the other side. You are laughing now, but hey, try to stay calm while listening to these songs from our upcoming album.

From Finland the choir continues its World Tour to rest of the Scandinavic countries, after which it moves on to North-Korea.

********** 05.07.2002: Praise the Lord!!

Mary Christmas finally graduated from University of Helsinki, where she had been studying theology for six years. Right after that she was given a joboffer from Helsinki. Since june 2002, Mary has been working as a priest in parish of Malmi, Helsinki.

This of course has a massive effect on All Stars gigs in the future, as priests in Finland work as they propably work anywhere else also - on weekends. And if Mary happens to have free weekend, this doesn't mean that we are willing or able to jump on the first plane and play the gig.

So if you were bored seeing us in every pop-occasion taking place in Finland, you are lucky to hear the news: that is not the case anymore. But as we enter the stage from now on, there is something extra in the music, in the presence, in our trousers - that is the divine touch.

********** 05.04.2002: All Stars recorded 14 tracks

Easter is the time to be quiet. Silent. Hsss...

That was not case this year, as All Stars visited the studios to record 14 tracks for their forthcoming full-length album.

We entered the studio on thursday, recorded drums for 3 days and on monday we started to record bass and guitars. Here are the tracks:

Let's have a party
White poem
Jean-Paul Amor
Big dreams on the white clouds
Happy as a man can be
Well, I guess they are just stupid
Critical mass
The national anthem of Finland
Breaker of the heart
The story like it is
Better Alone

Naturally, some of these tracks will drop out from the final product. Hopefully we'll manage fine with Premiere, as we took a massive 10 minute version out of it. Man, that song makes King Crimson sound like three-chord punkband.

The record will hopefully see daylight during this year, but if you know what happened with Better Alone - release, it's better not to promise anything. Anyhow, it'll come out through American Brothers, the greatest label in northern Africa.

********** 15.03.2002: Few Gigs ahead

Everybody is willing to go on a tour with All Stars. Last week we were contacted by Elton John, Michael Bolton and Turun Tauti. Well, we have sad news for everybody, who is willing to have a show with us: our calendar is as full as a calendar can be.

This month we do a show in Tampere, Yo-talo with Hypnomen and Boomhauer. This gig will be on 27.03. and it will be the starter for our massive world tour. Second gig will be at Helsinki, Bar Alahuone at Makasiinit, at 04.04. This time we will be accompanied by Ultrasport.

And that's it! No more shows. Kaputt. Finito. If you want to have All Stars to play near you, contact us.

********** 05.03.2002: Mini-cd comes out

What a relief! American Brothers' first release, All Stars mini-cd Better Alone, comes out this week.

We sent the cd to several recordlabels, like EMI, Warner and Wood Productions, and everybody wanted to release our beautiful 6-tracker. But American Brothers had one thing that made us choose them: they had money. They invest so much money on us that the numbers don't even fit on this page. Their offer is the best: We get money, publicity, free facial lifts plus free food from Saarioinen for the world tour.

You can find your copy from these recordshops around Finland:


********** 01.03.2002: An underworld bandit robbed Artie Aspens

The hoodlum continues in the ghettos

Just a few days ago Artie Aspens was shopping in one of the supermarkets in Kontula ghetto. He was doing throwing vegetables and corn flakes in his shopping cart. Fatally Artie decided to rest his back while shopping and put his heavy backpack in that same cursed shopping cart.

Unfortunately, Artie spent a few seconds too much in the cucumber section. When he returned to the cart, it was gone ! And so was the backpack ! Gone gone gone. With the backpack Artie lost some important parts of his life. Wherever Artie went, he carried an autographed photo of Steve Yzerman and a bottle of water from Tottijärvi, the place that Artie once left to conquer the world. Now they are both gone, maybe forever.

The video cameras of the supermarket found the criminal in action. As the guards put it : "He is a very dangerous guy. A totally mad junkie. We always have to wrestle with him, and we always lose. "

Artie Aspens, the acknowledged singer-songwriter, is not very pleased about the way things went: "This whole case is straight from the law of Eddie Murphy. Yeah. Of course it makes me mad. This is just so stupid and cowardly action. I mean, that guy is a total chicken. He could have come and challenge me into a man-to-man face-to face fist-to fist fight instead of sneaking behind my back like a lady. I´ve never ran away from a fight. Fight me like a man! I´m ready. Anytime, anyplace. I will find you. I will get my vengeance. "

If you have seen the man in the photo, please contact. The photo is from the security-camera of the market.

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