********** 11.12.2001: Video killed the radiostars

Three young madmen from Finland have decided to make an musicvideo out of our song Sensation. The script should be ready by the end of the year and the video should be playable in spring 2002.

The video will not include All Stars members at all. We are too ugly, and Mary doesn't have too much hair on her legs, which was one of the demands made by the directors. It will include traditional animation with seperate photos plus more advanced stuff with 3D and Flash.

We are very eager about the thing. We have always wanted to enter the MTV videoawards. If this is to come, we have promised to make love in the stage all together.

********** 11.11.2001: Baby do it one more time

Hopefully these are the last news considering the cd-mess, that has been going on.

Helsinki Damnation was remixed by Mikis Deodoranttis. Mikis did some awesome fadeouts/fadeins with the two parts of Helsinki Damnation. The length of the song went up to almost 6 minutes, as the song was divided into two seperate parts: "Destruction" and "Welcome Home". This is All Stars way of respecting the old good proge-songs, that used to have minimum of 3 parts in the song, each entitled separately.

We have decided to include Turbonegro to the CD as well. This was demanded by Nelson Mandela. With this song the length of the whole Better Alone-miniCD goes up to 25 minutes. With these extraminutes the price of the CD will raise to 150 fmk + alv.

When are you able to find Better Alone from the stores then? God knows. Hopefully this will take place in march 2002, but you never know, do you?

********** 05.09.2001: Hottest hits of the 2001

Aksu and Mary visited Prague early summer. We are not sure if the air in Prague is somehow polluted or what, but after the plane landed to Helsinki Aksu had 3 new songs with the lyrics. Afterwords 3 new songs have seen the daylight. The new songs that all of you are able to hear during the next gigs are presented here, in alphabetical order.

Huh, this is propably the most weird song ever in All Stars history. It is so beautiful and has the weirdest rhytm lasting the whole song. There is a place for the new instrument in the band, synthetisizer. If this ever ends up to record, the synths will be replaced by accordion. We have a nick name for this one, it's "Konevitsan Kellot", a song by Piirpauke.

Rauli Badding Somerjoki has few good songs, like "Tandemilla". This sounds like it, but hopefully not too much. We don't want to get sued by Rauli. The lyricks give an alibi to two guys; they are not the murders in the night. The song will eventually include 3 singers.

Even Aksu don't have a clue what the lyrics are talking about. Aksu wrote them in 5 minutes. We are not sure yet if that is good or bad thing. You are very wellcome to shake your ass with this new rockadillo-no-brains-at-all.

If you know our song "White Poem" then you'll get a slight idea what this song sounds like. It is slower than Raimo Helminen in his slow days, and has actually only one part with three chords. Synths will appear in this song, too.

"My name is Al, I am a lawn-mower man." This tells about life in the city. It is a two-part track with rolling start, and a slow outro that lasts for few minutes. We are very happy with the lyrics, they are propably the longest in the All Stars history.

This might sound a bit like Sonic Youth, with repeating guitar-riff. We don't have a clue whether this should be played in an aggressive way, or more softly. No matter what, it is a strange and beautiful song with Aksu on the vocals and Mary in the synths. The idea to the lyrics came from the lousy tv-show called "Ensi-Ilta" presenting the most not-wanted finnish celebrities.

********** 25.06.2001: CD is finished

All Stars studiosession, that was held in march, is now ready and done. The final cd will include five songs in following order:
  • The happiness of being alone
  • Blue star eyes
  • Sensation
  • I would rather take you
  • Helsinki damnation
These five tracks were all recorded by Torsti Tenhunen, and "Sensation" and "I would rather take you" appeared already in the previous promo-cd "Sensation".

We haven't decided the name for the cd yet. We had an idea of a cd called "The very best of the Eagles" but our agent noticed that there actually is a band called The Eagles, that has already released their new compilation-cd entitled "The very best of the Eagles".

********** 25.06.2001: A small break

All Stars is keeping a summer holiday 26.6. - 26.7.2001. Nothing will happen in these pages during that time. We are sorry, but even the stars have to do what stars have to do.

But we are coming back for more. Hmm, "more" might be the wrong word to describe the new All Stars pages, that will be launched later this year, after the holidays.

The new site will include at least the same features that you've seen so far, but the band-related issues will be cut down to minimum.

Visually the site will be more dark. It will include less photos about us. We have recognized that we are pretty ugly band. We are propably replacing all the bandpictures with the pictures of Carl Lewis.

We have a vision. You'll see what happens.

********** 16.02.2001: All Stars - greatest hits

All Stars visited studio 03-04.03.2001. We recorded three songs with Torsti Tenhunen, whose work pleased us all when doing the Sensation-promo.

You might want to know, how is all stars going to sound now. Is it pop, rock, heavy, or bepop?? The answer is: all this, and even more. The songs that we recorded are
  • Bluestar eyes
  • Happiness of being alone
  • Helsinki Damnation
The spectre of these songs is covering all the styles in the musichistory known so far.

Bluestar eyes introduces the new U2 sound of all stars. Bono visited the studio and sang some background vocals, and did a good job. Happiness of being alone is a Blur kinda nice little sing-a-long. Damon Albarn is sueing Artie Aspens for stealing Blur-material to his song. Helsinki Damnation is more progressive piece of track, that will certainly please all the drug-addicts. The song ends to organs, that were played by Lenni-Kalle Taipale, the funniest organplayer since J.S. Bach from Skid Row.

The final mixing will take place at april, or at the last days of march. You will be informed when the stuff comes out.

********** 05.02.2001: Aisti tour is over

All Stars, Panda love and Puny did some touring at the end of January in southern Finland. The bands played four gigs, and lived the rock and roll dream at full speed. What actually happened?

24.01.2001 Turku, Säätämö
First gig on this hectic tour. Säätämö was such a lovely place, like the good old Estonia-ship back in the golden times. We were a bit too excited and some extra tension was noticed. Turkuniggers didn't like us that much, that's OK, we weren't that good. The sounds were awful, Aksus and Arties new Fenders didn't fit that well to their hands. Aksu was the hero of the day by driving from Turku back to Helsinki in the middle of the night. The weather wasn't too well, as it was a snowstorm of the millenium.

25.01.2001 Helsinki, Semifinal
This show was already much better. Torsti "TT Oksala" Tenhunen gave us a helping hand by mixing the whole thing. The atmosphere was excellent and relaxed and we played pretty well. Never, ever has there been better afterparties after the gig than this night. Jussi Lähde invited all the poppers at his place to sauna. Jussi also had an amazing amount of alcohol at his house, and boy, was it stunning!!

See the beautiful review of the gig here.

27.01.2001 Jyväskylä, Vakiopaine
Jyväskylä, what a beautiful place. First Aksu and Merry Christmas went for some heavy alcohol to Aksus dear old friend. The gig was held in Vakiopaine, a nice, small place in the very center of the town. No soundcheck was done. Place was full of danish people having serious parties. Funny thing was that they asked us to speak english in between the songs. Well that suits us!! We do better english than finnish. We started, and after us came Puny. They played too loud and the police came in to stop the show. Thanks policeman!! Panda Love turned the volume down and did a nice show too.

28.01.2001 Tampere, Telakka
Sold out!! Being very tired at the fourth day, we did a nice show at telakka in front of many friends from Tampere. Luckily we didn't fall asleep during the gig, but at the afterparties we had some serious troubles staying awake.

Soundi liked the gig and reviewed it. Here it is.

All in all the tour was excellent, and we had great time with each guy involved. Tomi Palsa was the master of the universe by driving us around and taking some breathtaking nudepictures. The bands were nice and the humor; it was psychedelic, man.

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