********** 15.11.2000: Artie and Feelings make a mess

This isn't a joke, boy!!

Artie Aspens and Jani of Feelings are starring in a upcoming film, that is also starring the man itself, the pornstar Henry Saari. Jani of Feelings does a scene with Henry that lasts over five seconds. Artie and Feelings are also caught in an act, smoking a joint in a toilet of Tavastia. But all this happens in a film, not in a real life.

All Stars announces that they don't do any drugs, they only drink a lot of alcohol and fart all the time. Mary Christmas has a nickname as Mary "Gas-station" Christmas.

Artie and Feelings are also the best friends of the Posies-duo, that performed an acoustic show in Tavastia. In the next day of the Posies gig, Artie and Jani were playing the Posies guitars and hitting them on the floor on the stage of Tavastia, as the guys came in to pack the stuff. Things were getting serious when Artie and Jani realized that the guitars that they were destroying, belonged to Posies. After few beers things were allright. Nowadays the guys send loveletters to each others.

********** 13.11.2000: Blackrider in serious danger

Aksu Blackrider was playing with Cucumber Farmer in Russia, St. Petersburgh.

One evening two local policemen stopped Aksu on the street, and started to make silly questions:"Do you have drugs with you, hashhash, amfetamin??" Aksu explained that he is only playing rock and roll in Russia, and the one litre vodkabottle in his pocket was a present from Russia. Ok, the polices did a routine check, asking passport and visa.

Next morning Aksu realized that he is missing 400 fmk from his wallet. The money was stolen by the police.

Thanks guys, we love you!!!

And it's not the end. Aksu's synthetisizer and a multieffect was stolen from Klub Spartak, where Cucumber Farmer performed in front of 1400 people. This was realized when Cucumber Farmer moved all the stuff from the backstage to the bus leaving to Finland.

Aksu says:"What a beautiful country, this Russia."

********** 18.10.2000: All Stars in media

All Stars are shaking their trousers in the next Rumba-magazine.

Aksu, Mary and Artie went to see Antti Lähde to his new house in Tampere. Antti offered us some free alcohol and tea and started to make an interview.

The basic questions were made: Do Jani of Feelings and Chrissie Hynde really date nowadays, is Artie Aspens really driving in Jokamiesluokka and so on. Also more common question related to All Stars history and favourite bands were asked.

You can read the whole interview here.

All Stars has been very busy in media all in all: Artie Aspens does a role in Badding, Aksu did a role as a dead body in theaterplay Hamletinkone in Kaapelitehdas.

Jim Jarmuch did a documentary film of the All Stars & Kukka Tour. It will be out next year, entitled "The fear of the dorks".

All Stars has also been played in radio several times within last few weeks. Both Radio Mafia and Radio City have been busy playing Turbonegro and Sensation.

********** 28.09.2000: All Stars and Kukka tour

All Stars is doing some serious touring with Kukka, the neopopgladiators from Tampere. The tour will last for four days, and it includes almost every city near you:

27.09. saunabar, hki
28.09. telakka, tre (cessna & aloha junction)
30.09. torvi, lahti

In Tampere Kukka will be replaced by Aloha Junction and Cessna.

********** 24.04.2000: Hello World!!

All Stars has completed the promopackage for radiostation, recordlabels etc. The package includes 4-tracker "Sensation", covers + infoletter about the band, both in finnish and english. The package will be sent to 50-100 places all over world, except for Germany. This is a all stars punishment for Germany, as the country is not too interesting nowadays, not to mention the footballplayers, that come from there.

We are extremely eager to hear, what the public has to say about all stars as a whole. We know they love the music, but what about the weird humor and the nudepictures of our grandparents that are included in the infoletter.

********** 24.04.2000: All Stars on fire

All Stars rehearsal room was hotter than hell, as the workshop downstairs from the rehearsal room got fire. The fire climbed up to to the second floor by the wall, and destoryed the windows. Luckily it didn't get to the room itself.

The fire wasn't started on purpose to harm these rising stars from finland. Whole occasion seems to be an accident, that propably started from the electric cables.

Nobody was hurt, and no instruments were harmed. Mikko cleaned the room and now it is more beautiful than ever. Thanks lord!

********** 25.03.2000 New songs for you, babe

Who knows Stephanie Marie Elisabeth Grimaldi? Anybody??

That is the real name of Princess of Monaco Stephanie, who appeared in the popscene shortly in the 80's. She shocked the world with her full lenght album, which surprisingly included few small hitsongs, such as "One love to give" and "Irresistible".

All Stars is now playing its first ever coversong, which happens to be Stephanie's Irresistible. We dropped out the original synthsound, replaced it with superreverbed guitars, and end up the song with massively distorted sound. And it sounds good, and it sounds beautiful. That's because Stephanie is one of the lousiest singers ever in the history of popmusic. Mary Christmas is not.

The song was performed live on 15.04.2000 as a birthdaypresent to Manu Haapalainen, who is a bigbrother of Artie Aspens and also the third brother of the famous Callagher family.

Irresistible isn't surely the only new track in All Stars's songbook. Here are the latest songs, some of them were already heard on the gigs in april:

  • National Anthem - a beautiful ode to Tottijärvi, a place near Nokia
  • Stiffdance - song made under happy stars, very old song, now in the set again
  • Molopää from hell - this is fast, and it's getting faster and faster all the time
  • Bluestar eyes - about Jesus Christ Superstar, easy song, easy melodies.
  • Sophie, lottomillionaire - this is a song about miserably happy people. The title may change.

********** 20.03.2000 See All Stars live

Yeah. it's true, suddenly, All Stars is having some serious gigs.

All Stars is playing in Factory, Helsinki, with some of the finest bands around at the moment.
Nu Science, the low-budget-lets-kraftwerk is having a battle against the soundsystem of Factory.
Artichoke is the band that includes the most skilled football players in the popscene at the time..

All Stars is playing in Stella Star, Helsinki, in Marsu On Paras-club. The place is small, but the emotions are high, while we try to fill the space with latest sounds from the small amplifiers, that we'll bring along.

02.06. 2000
All Stars will be playing to homeaudience in Tampere, Yo-talo. This is the place to be, if you feel like being a serious popfart.

********** 13.01.2000: All Stars in Israel

Aksu Blackrider and Mary Christmas did a seven days tour in Israel. This All Stars duo did a gig in Tiberias and made an unforgettable infuence to the hotel audience in Hotel Hod. They performed an acoustic version of the beautypiece Thy Heaven.

Aksu and Mary spread the word of pure rock and roll to all over Israel, visiting Nazareth, Betlehem, and the capitalcity, Jerusalem.

The millenium was spent in Jerusalem, by partying and singing. Aksu and Mary had a lot of time in TV and newspapers, that were very interested of these two popstars from Finland. CNN, BBC and the local Tv-channels shoot Aksu and Mary, and they were also mentioned in many newspapers in Finland, for instance Iltalehti, Iltasanomat and Nokian Uutiset.

Any publicity is good publicity, said O.J. Simpson.

Jesus Christ Superstar was too busy to attend to any of these special occassions in Israel, but Aksu and Mary had the time to visit the place where Jesus was born, and his grave.

Praise the Lord, again!

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