That is so true!! Jani woke up on a beautiful day of july, looked funny and his girlfriend Sirpa asked the man to act properly: "Stop drooling, right now", screamed the girl on a breakfast. Jani couldn't do anything with the right side of his face.

Doctors say this is pretty usual phenomena. Paralysing can due to lots of things: imagine yourself sitting in a fast car, and your windows are open; this is a risk if you don't want to harm the nerve tracks of your face. You should also be aware with punkrockers; they might bite you. The happy news is that the effect usually lasts only for few weeks. But then again, sometimes not.

Jani doesn't admit, that he has done nothing strange in the past few days. He doesn't own a car, he just sleeps and watches MTV, as he gets out of his everyday job.

"Let's see what happens", says Jani, calmly as ever.


We visited studio Pink Noise to record these four tracks with Torsti Tenhunen:
  • Sensation
  • I'd rather take You
  • Turbonegro
  • Thy Heaven

Everything came up very fine in the end. The final mixing will be made in september, but the roughmix sounds very cool already, thanks to Torsti "TT Oksala" Tenhunen. Torsti's amazingly relaxing attitude towards every idea was very releifing. He also gave us some very fine ideas to our songs.

Let's see what happens when recordlabels, radiostations etc. will hear these songs, that verify from hardest pop to saddest countrymusic ever heard.


Feeling a bit tired after four days of the summer-olympics, the gig really did not seem that much important for any of us. Playing very late on sunday evening, who could even imagine anything good from us.

We entered the stage without any soundcheck. We decided before the gig, that we wouldn't play that much rock, but a bit easier and slower gig with a bit older songs like Gone, D-Castle and Honolulu Winter. We left the faster ones, Turbonegro, Let's Have a Party and the new proge-song to encores, if somebody wanted us back.

It seemed that the audience wanted to dance and have some great time in Villa. So they did. What a beautiful night it turned out to be!!!

The Cessna-romanticer Sami created some beautiful lights, while Kaiser-mouse did a good job behind the mixingtable. Sounds turned out to be much more better than any of us could imagine. Audience was beautiful. Life was beautiful.


Arties beautiful girlfriend Katri has left Finland behind. She has already left Finland, and is going to spend next half a year in Pietari, Russia. No, the reason for leaving is not Artie who has been behaving badly. The thing is that Katri studies Russian language in the University of Helsinki, but she must complete her studies in Russia.

How does this effect on Artie's feelings, his sound, and most of all his lyrics, now, during the lonely moments at home, with nobody by his side. We can only guess, how sad stuff Artie will bring to rehearsals in following months. He still got the blues, though he is only 24 years old.

Dear God!! For Katri's sake, don't let the winter be too cold.


Jani didn't hesitate to give us a phonecall in 28th of september, in 16.30 local time:

"I have got some sad news. I'm leaving the band."

Jani, former basist of Oasis, and probably the best bassplayer in the world, is gone. Instead of playing in All Stars, Jani wants to start a new life with his girlfriend, raise a couple of kids and buy a dog. Jani also has another band, where he is going to stay. The reasons didn't leave any questions for us. Being too good handler of his four-string-killer, when compared to any other member in All Stars, he got frustrated with our 3-chord sing-alongs.

Bullshit, that's not it. Jani we love you. Too sad that you didn't make it to the rehearsals, where we started to rehearse a new 16-minute proge-symphony for six leadbass.

********** OCTOBER 1999: NU BASIST??

All Stars is still looking for a new basist, but is also training with the first choice, Miksu Paatelainen. Miksu works and studies in Helsinki, and is a big fan of All Stars. The first rehearsals went really good, and we are extremely happy with Miksus way of handling his bass. He learns fast, and things just work with him. He is very handsome young guy, he is tall and strong, and has a long hair, which is very important.

Miksu also plays in another band, which is Nu Science, a great lowdown-ambience project, which released its new 12" EP last week. If you happen to know anything about good and stylish stuff, Nu Science is your choice. The new Nu Science - album includes amazing 3D covers.

Miksu doesn't play bass In Nu Science, but old masterpeace synthesizers, like Moog, Rhodes etc. Surely one day All Stars is also going to use these old mono-syntehesizers as bass,at least in few songs, so Miksu can carry his instruments to All Stars rehearsals. Miksu Paatelainen admits, that he hasn't been playing bass for several decades, but is very willing to try his best in All Stars.

********** DECEMBER 1999: NU BASIST!!

Mikis Organics, formerly known as Miksu Paatelainen is the new basist in All Stars. Mikis has learned his basslessons perfectly, which means, that he can play whole production of Pekka Pohjola and Fishbone easily.

We had so much fun and tears at the same time as Mikis told us, that his real name is not Miksu Paatelainen, but Mikis Organics. The reason for not telling the truth to us was obvious: Mikis Organics was born is Greece, and All Stars has always been very strict about foreignpolicy in the band: Non-Finlanders are not wellcome to play with us.

But Mikis is a nice guy. He is so nice, that we have decided to try. Besides, not that many band has a basist from Greece. Mikis has also showed us his familytree which shows us that he is related to ancient god Zeus.

Yeah, he has that divine touch in his playing.


The fourtracker, that was recorded in July, is now mixed. The mixing took place in the same studio where it was recorded. The mixing was done by Torsti "TT Oksala" Tenhunen. Aksu and Artie held the gun at Torsti's head so there was no chance for mistakes.

We also recorded some new stuff for the songs; Artie sang Turbonegro again, this time with a picture of Muhammed Ali in front of his nose. Mikis Organics showed his skills behind the analogsynth, as he created some strange sounds for Sensation and I'd rather take you. Aksu did yet another guitar for Sensation.

That much didn't happen after all, as the roughmix was already very good. We added some reverbs and delays for all the songs and some distortion for the bass in Turbonegro.

In january we are going to spend some quality time in recordlabels, and head on for the big money.

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