********** 02.07.2005 ALL STARS ALBUM TOUR 2005

All Stars album can now be found from all around the world, thanks to the new hot distribution deals that the recordlabel American Brothers has managed to get.

Most important, the Finnish Supersounds now handles the distribution of the album in Finland. Among us, Supersounds also distributes such great labels as Bad Vugum, Combat Rock Industry, PIAS International, Sub Pop etc...

In US, the album is distributed by the almighty Tonevendor. This is a dream come true for us, as we are getting bigger and bigger and older and slower and softer in the States.

And of course, in Japan we are taken care by the old friends in Apple Crumble Record.

All of you foreigners who happen to like Foreigner, but would like to get our album, too, please notice that you are now allowed to use Paypal when buying stuff from American Brothers. That should ease things up!

********** 02.05.2005 ALL STARS IN DUBROVNIK, HELSINKI

We are playing live in Dubrovnik, Helsinki on 18.05.2005. This is the official record releaseparty. Don't forget to join us. Supporting acts (if there is any) will be announced later.

********** 01.05.2005 LONG TIME NO SEE

All Stars did a quick show in Turkoosi, Helsinki. We played 6 of our songs in front of hundreds of fans. It was a true success-story. The sounds were so amazing, it really sounded like the music came out straight from the CD-player. Oh, yes, it did come out of the CD - it was the first (and hopefully the last) playback gig we will ever do.

Things went smoothly. First Jani the drummer called us: "I am sick". No worries!! We invited our friend Brian Uncle to play the drums during the show. He was so handsome playing the drums. We are thinking of using him even more behind the drums.

All the speeches in-between the songs came from the CD, too. So we just moved our lips and tried to look cool. We tried really hard. Aksu played the guitarsolos with his teeth, sometimes on the floor and mostly playing the guitar behind his back. At certain point Artie started to climb the walls and some people told us that it looked like he tried to have sex with the synths.

All in all, it was very entertaining and embarassing moment.

********** 01.05.2005 THE ALBUM IS OUT!

The albums arrived to the AMERICAN BROTHERS office today. Aaah, they look lovely. Uuuuh, it sounds perfect. We are very proud of it.

********** 04.04.2005 ONE ALL STARS AND ONE DELAY

Stop the press! Hold your horses! Due to enormous manufacturing problems, All Stars second album OLDER SLOWER SOFTER will be released the 22nd April. So there is a one month delay. We re sorry, but don t get depressed! Once you get it, the album will soft rock you!

********** 17.02.2005 OLDER SLOWER SOFTER

After two long years of waiting, All Stars is releasing new material. Their second album, "OLDER, SLOWER SOFTER" will be released on March 22nd. A promotional single, featuring two lovely pop songs, "G*-star" and "The eyes of Winona" is available today and you can order a copy here.

OLDER SLOWER SOFTER is definitely the best thing The Stars have ever done. The album is full of All Stars trademark strengths - winning melodies, strong songwriting and just a little bit of that pervert sense of humor. But the album introduces a new side to All Stars; that is a more serious, a more mature approach in composing, arranging songs and writing lyrics.

Artie Aspens sums up the mood of the album: "The songs are all about getting older, getting more conscious of the fact that we re all going to die some day, that we are not young teenage idols anymore."

Aksu Blackrider agrees: "Yes, Artie. That is true. Musically, we tried to keep it simple this time. We went back to basics. There is no modulations or surprising rhythm changes this time. We re not trying to be clever or strange anymore. We just want to play these songs with an honest, emotional feeling."

Artie Aspens : "An emotional feeling! That s a good one!"

Older slower softer was recorded and mixed at Mehiläis-studio in Tampere, the band s original hometown. It was produced and mixed by Kari Lounela. "Mehiläis-studio is an old wooden house in Tammela. It has a great emotional feel. In a way Kari gave as our inspiration back. We improvised a lot, we felt free to try everything." Artie says. Aksu agrees: "That s true! Kari has just this one big room with a fireplace. I think the warmth of the atmosphere and the sound of burning wood really influenced our sound. The album is a warm, touching and uplifting experience. It has a rich sound. There are tons of acoustic instruments; 12-string guitars, violins, flutes, pianos, harmonicas... "

Older slower softer consists of these 11 lovely pop songs:

1. Honolulu winter
2. Until you die
3. The eyes of Winona
4. Gö-star
5. Meine love song
6. He worships satan
7. Until you die
8. He`s so happy but I`m so sad
9. If you want your nose to bleed
10. With you, America
11. The National anthem of Finland


From this day on you can order a lovely promotional single from our website. The single will include two tracks from the upcoming album, Gö-star and The eyes of Winona.

Not only does it sound beautiful, but the price of the single-cd is amazing: you can order your copy for lousy 3 €

You must think that there is some trick behind all this. You are right. The singles will be burned one by one at our place. We will do the covers every time differently. You can find greetings from us, you may find drawings by us.

You can also attach your own pics in digital format, as you deliver the order. We'll add them to your single, if you wish, and, if we remember.

If you wish to make an order, please send us e-mail right now.


All Stars are having a small break in recording their second album. The things got a bit too wild in the studio. There were so many celebrities trying to visit the studio, that the band couldn t concentrate on the songs anymore.

"It was amazing. It was like reading "7 päivää"- magazine. Only this time you could see the celebs in flesh and blood." says Mikromikko 3.0. , the bass player of All Stars.

It s obvious that every one is trying to get their own share of the enormous hype concerning the Stars` comeback album. The list of celebrities hanging inside or outside Mehil*is-studio is like the Hall of Fame of Finnish pop: Juhani Palmu, Taina Jylhä, The editorial board of Rumba, Simo Frangen, Rosa Meriläinen, Matti Säteri, Jari Sarasvuo, Billy Idiot, Kaiser-hiiri and so on…

Some celebrities went over the limit. Aksu speaks: "There was this young man called Jani Laurila or something. He is a singer in this band called The Office Buildings. He insisted that he must sing the vocals in "Eine kleine lovesong". That time I knew that we are making it B.I.G. Well, eventually I did the singing myself. Of course you must understand Jani - it would have been a massive lift-up for Jani and The Office Buildings to appear in our album, but maybe next time."

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