Mirkka is a beautiful girl. She hails us from Joensuu, the true nazi-center of Finland.

This is M.A. Numminen, the father of the underground scene in Finland. One day Mirkka will marrie M.A. because she loves him.

We received the first all stars fan-mail ever from a girl from eastern Finland. And what a letter it was: full of panties, love letters to each all stars member separately, signed with her own blood. So of course we wanted to get to know this girl, just to know if she is grazy or just mentally ill.

1. Ok, tell us your name.
Mirkka "rockīnīroll" Kallio

2. We are trying to picture a average all stars fan here, so tell something about yourself.
Most of all I wanna be vampire on my next life. Life before this I know was a hippy who died as they usuelly do...suffocate on HIS own vomit. And well, on this life I am a nerd.

3. Do you find yourself as a normal all stars fan then, among the thousands of other all stars fans? Do you know anybody, that knows all stars? (i know my sister...)
My brother used to be really interested about astronimia but I think that even he doesn't know all stars.

4. I've heard that you are pretty fanatic fan to everything that happens to please you enough. You are not dangerous i hope, like the religiously fanatic guys and girls usually are?
As child I was always buttnaked. Maybe it was just that what made me so fanatic about everything.

5. Absoluuttinen nollapiste is one of your fave bands. Any others??
M.A.N. is my man! When i am old enough i am gonna marry Mauri Antero.

6. It says in the intro that you are a girl...are you, or do you consider yourself as a woman?
Well if you are nerd can you be woman?!?

7. You are studying multimedia. Please give us your straight opinion about the all stars pages?

8. How does it feel to be famous now, through our pages? Did you know that we have millions of visitors every month in all stars pages?
I only hope that Jonna (most beautyful grrrrrl in the world!!!!) from Nylon Beat will read this and will finally notice me: her biggest FAN!!!!!!

9. You can send greetings to anyone that deserves them.
I say hello to Jonna and Mauri Antero that I surely love them 4ever and ever!!!

10. Thank you Mirkka! Any last words?
I come to you jumping, for I am a rubber ball