- Hey Artie, tell that bad joke about Steffi Graf again, it is just so funny!!

- Thanx but no thanx. It's all too nasty!!

- This one goes out to the one I love, this one goes out to the one I left behind.

- Audreyyyyyyy....

- Hello is this David Geffen? Hello it's Artie Aspens from All Stars Finland. Do you receive a lot of calls from Finland mr Geffen? I bet you don't. Let me tell you this is a once in a lifetime chance to get such a great band to your label. Yeah we are the best band in Finland, sorry I mean in Europe. We play anything you want mister Geffen. We have a cover song from Nirvana. You remember Nirvana right mr. Geffen. We play "smells like teen spirit" just like that!! We are better than Nirvana, and we are so grazy you know there is no liveband like All Stars we are so grazy. We will sell one million records just for you mr. Geffen. We love USA and everybody out there you people are so fine!!!

- Check out Artie. This is how you play rock. You have to put your guitar more down, like this. You are not fucking Eric.
- Don't you tell me about Clapton. I like him and so do you.
- I don't like HIM.

Yes we know - Mary loves Aksu but nobody else.


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