Hello everybody!!

Right now I am living a phase on my life where I try not to step on anybodys feet by judging anything - like telling you which song is better than some other song. I try not to avoid to speek on the level of bad-good, nice-worthless, etc.

As said, who are you to tell me if the music that i like is bad, or if the Osbornes is an overrated tv-show, or if someone has sold her/his soul to satan or not.

It is one of the most difficult things to see the things straight with your heart, without feeling the enormous pressure that besserwissers put on you while judging everything.

I try to follow Jesus Christ, my Lord, so I want to appologise everyone that I might have hurt with my stupid lists on this page. They are worthless and taste like paper. Look to the light, not the face of the one looking there.

God, save me from Your punishment. Bless my rotten mind and all the rotten minds of these evil frogs. We won't change to princes or princesses in this world, no matter how hard we may croak.

If you want to see those damn lists, check out Aksus or Arties page, for they are the Evilbrothers from Hell.


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